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03.06.2022 Snow Crystal Collection

Frosted Flower Of Life

The beauty of snowflakes can be used to describe so many world views.

For me unity has been the most powerful! I am always inspired by other Snow Crystal lovers and photography in general I admire so much! This piece was inspired by the infamous frozen bubble experiment. 

Snow Crystals.jpg


The Frozen Flower Of Life is so special to me! This was a capture I was able to experience with both my daughter and mother. I have set three of the best Dendrites to showcase how magical it was to have us all together in that moment. This Glass orb has been filled with seeding wildflowers! The beginning of spring. Sitting on top of a natural pine base!

I tried to re-create a bubble freezing in the cold winter air. I hope to add annually until complete.

Biomimicry Design

Flower Of Life.jpg
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