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2020 Snow Crystal Collection

Essence Of Winter

The Frosted Looking Glass was our final piece of 2020 and the beginning of bigger snowflake ideas! The capture was originally one of my first pendants that didn't turn out so well. I began to contemplate ways to share snow crystals with individuals on a scale, they could experience the magic we get to during a perfect storm!



The Frosted looking glass is a glimpse into the mighty energy of the Snow Crystal! Foraged materials made the perfect vessel for this tiny world. Real Colorado Snow Crystal preserved in time. I wasn’t sure if this would work out! I’ve been dreaming for a while on designs and magnifying snowflakes. I love interactive pieces! This one is so beautiful the way each layer shines just a little bit different! Quartz added the perfect accent as little mountains inside. This one features a single Stellar Dendrite inside a pine tree knot! Moss has been added to highlight the natural beauty. A calcite base gave the perfect angle to really show all the beautiful colors!

Biomimicry Designs

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